Dir. Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer


Academic Curriculum Vitae

2010 - ongoing

Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI-ArchPro)

2012 - ongoing

Vice Director of the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS), Universität Wien


Habilitation at the Institute for Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna (Interdisciplinary Archaeology)

1994 - ongoing

Researcher at VIAS (VB1a/hb), University Vienna

2007 - 2008

Research Assistant at the Institut for Computergraphics und Algorithms, Vienna Univeresity of Technology


Visiting researcher, Xian - Qianling, China


Visiting researcher, National Museum of Bermuda (ehemBermuda Maritime Museum), Ireland Island, Bermudas


Guest Professor, University of Applied Science, Mainz


Researcher at the Austrian Central Institute for Meterology and Geodynamics, Dept. of Geophysics, Archaeo Prospections® Team


Training "3D Laser Scanning", Riegl LMS


Guest Professor, Institute for Ancient History, University Innsbruck


Visiting researcher, Nara, Japan


Visiting researcher, National Museum of Bermuda (former Bermuda Maritime Museum), Ireland Island, Bermudas


Dr. Phil., Institute for Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University Vienna (Magnetic Prospecting in  Archaeology)


Research Assistant at the Institute for Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University Vienna, "Set-up of a Magnetic Prospection Sytem for Archaeology"


Qualification "Systemadministrator for SUN OS"


Mag. Phil., Prehistoric Archaeology, Archaeometry and Mathemathics, University Vienna


Training Ground Penetrating Radar, GSSI Inc., University of Patras


Training "Interpretation of Aerial Photos", Leica, Switzerland



2010 - 2017

Director of Projects on the prospection of archaeological landscapes in Stonehenge (UK), Oseberg Hinterland (N), Kaupang Hinterland (N), Birka-Hovgården (S), Uppåkra (S), Carnuntum(A), Flavia Solva (A), Stubersheim (D), Kilianstädten (D), Kreuttal (A), Halbturn (A), Ringkøbing Amt (DK), Caricin Grad (SRB), Bassianae (SRB), Laa a.d. Thaya (A), Borre (N), Rechnitz (A)

2008 - 2012

"AstroSim - Simulation of astronomical aspects of Middle Neolithic circular ditch systems" (Project coordination)

2007 - 2008

European Researchers´ Night project "CelticNight" (Project coordination)


"Scanning of the Great Pyramid" (Project coordination)

2003 - 2005

"Himmelskult der Steinzeit? - Sozio-kulturelle und archäo-astronomische Untersuchung der Kreisgrabenanlagen in Niederösterreich" (Project coordination)

2003 - 2004

"Virtual Modeling of Circular Ditch Systems" (Project coordination)

2002 - ongoing

Field-director of more than 30 national and international excavations and 3D-laserscanning-surveys.

2002 - 2004

"Systematic Prospection of Neolithic Circular Ditch Systems in Austria" (Scientific coordinator and Field-director)

1992 - 2008

Schwarzenbach-Project (Project coordination)

1985 - ongoing

Field-director of more than 200 national and international archaeological-geophysical surveys applying magnetometry, GPR, resistivity mapping and magnetic susceptibility survey

1983 - ongoing

Director of 9 short and long-term archaeological excavation projects in Austria and Switzerland




LOIS - Lab for Open Innovation in Science

2015 - 2017

"Stonehenge, Hidden Landscape", MAMUZ, Asparn/Zaya (Curator)


"Blick in die Tiefe", Flavia Solva, Steiermark (Curator)

2003 - 2005

Landesausstellung Niederösterreich 2005, Heldenberg, NÖ (Curator)

1980 - 1984

Journalist für Kultur und Wissenschaft, Switzerland



· Pioneer in Open Innovation in Science 2017

· Österreichischer Wissenschaftler des Jahres 2015

· Austrian Champion in European Research 2008


Organised Conferences


Organisation of the international conference for Archaeological Prospection 2013


Organisation of the international conference "35 years Harris Matrix"


Organisation of the international conferense for Achaeological Prospection 2001



2008 - 2012

Editor of the Journal "ViaVIAS"

2002 - ongoing

Co-Editor of the Journal "Archaeological Prospection"



· Austrian Academy of Sciences

· International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP)

· Member of the standing commettee for SMIA (Scientific methods in Archaeology)

· Gesellschaft für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

· Archäologie Schweiz

· Österr. Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte

· Österr. Gesellschaft für Mittelalterarchäologie

· Austrian Geophysical Society

· Gesellschaft der Freunde von Carnuntum