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In Austria the following institutions also deal with archaeozoology:


Usefull literature

  • As a popular specialised book, which among other things shows the crucial importance of animal husbandry in the development of various human societies, Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs, and Steel. The Fates of Human Societies can be recomended.
  • Introductory books, archaeozoology in general: The archaeology of animals / Simon J. M. Davis . 1995 . Zooarchaeology / Elizabeth J. Reitz and Elizabeth S. Wing . 1999 . The archaeology of animal bones / Terry O'Connor . 2000. Archéozoologie : les animaux et l'archéologie / Louis Chaix ; Patrice Méniel, 2001. Vertebrate Taphonomy / R.L. Lyman 1994.
  • Archaeozoological chapters in overview books: Archaeology : theories, methods and practice / Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn . Handbook of archaeological sciences / ed. by D. R. Brothwell
  • On the history of domestic animals and domestication: Haustiere - zoologisch gesehen : mit 16 Tabellen / Wolf Herre, Manfred Röhrs, 1990. Der Mensch und seine Haustiere : Norbert Benecke, 1994. History of Domestic Mammals in Central and Eastern Europe, - Bökönyi S., 1974. A natural history of domesticated mammals / Juliet Clutton-Brock, 1999.
  • Determination devices: Atlas of animal bones = Knochenatlas / Elisabeth Schmid, 1972 .
  • Archaeozoological Collections, comemmorative publications or collections of essays; Selection of newer volumes, for example: -Becker, Cornelia [Hrsg.] : Historia animalium ex ossibus; Festschrift für Angela von den Driesch zum 65. Geburtstag , 1999. -Rowley-Conwy, Peter [Hrsg.] : Animal bones, human societies, 2000 . -Crockford, Susan Janet: Dogs through time, an archaeological perspective, 1998. -Sharyn Jones O'Day, Wim Van Neer and Anton Ervynck: Behaviour Behind Bones: The zooarchaeology of ritual, religion, status and identity, Oxbow Books 2003.