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The workspace VIAS - Archaeozoology is located at the Institute of Palaeontology, University Vienna, as is the VIAS Dendrolaboratory. It is located at the so-called Geozentrum (UZA II, University Center Althanstraße II) in the ninth district of Vienna.

There is an office (room 2B313), a laboratory (2B312) and a depot room, in addition facilities of the Institute of Paleontology are shared. The office also houses archaeozoological journals and monographs (VIAS-ZZ and VIAS-ZM signatures) of the University Vienna Library .

The research area of archaeozoology exists since the founding of VIAS (formerly IDEA) in 1994. Freelancers are among others Angelika Adam and Herbert Böhm. The reference collection is being steadily expanded and currently includes skeletons of most relevant domestic animals and the most common Central European wildlife vertebrates.