Project Großklein

Archaeological house reconstructions of the Hallstatt time at Burgstallkogel in Großklein, Styria, Austria.

In the early Hallstatt period developed in the region around Großklein a powerful central location, the importance of which was certainly based on the one hand on the strategic location on cross-regional trade routes, on the other hand by local iron ore deposits.

The "princes" who were buried in the four known large grave mounds of Kleinklein, may have created their "manor" on Burgstallkogel, where contemporaneous traces of settlement could also be detected archaeologically.

For the Styrian national exhibition 2004 the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS) was put in charge of the conception and construction of an archeological open-air museum in terms of experimental archeology by the municipality of Großklein. The Iron Age house reconstructions and life pictures are understood as model-like summaries of the current archaeological state of research.

Visitors could watch the completion of the archaeological open air facility step by step.

According to archaeological findings of Großklein and other Iron Age sites in the alpine area, a residential building, a weaving house, a storage store and a hut for bread baking from the Hallstatt period were reconstructed. The archaeologists worked with winged axes, adzes, drawknives, spoon bits, chisels and simple saws made of raw iron.

The central core of the plant is a large residential building, a construction built on pad stones, the walls of which were executed in a combined block and post-and-beam construction technique. The corners are joined by simple intermeshing using the "combing method". A rofe-and-lath construction carries a roof made of split shingles. In addition to a hearth replica of simple furniture, as well as those of tools and equipment are shown.

Information and contact:

Robert Dirnböck
Linde Vanič
Hallstattzeitliches Museum Großklein, Großklein 9, 8452 Großklein, Steiermark
Tel.: +43 (0) 664/ 271 4414, +43 (0) 3456/ 5038