The research platform VIAS is hosting the multidisciplinary

Initiative College for Archaeological Prospection IC-ArchPro,

established 2011 by a group of scientists  from the Department of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy and the Faculty of Historical-Cultural Sciences of the University of Vienna is  dedicated to the development of novel techniques and methodological concepts for landscape archaeology based on state-of-the-art multidisciplinary archaeological prospection and spatial analysis.

The IC-ArchPro research concentrates on the development of efficient and universally applicable non-destructive methods and techniques for the detection, documentation, investigation, visualisation and integrative interpretation of archaeological landscapes. The main focus is set on the combination of remote sensing, geophysics, geomatics and geology and its application to archaeological research.

The IC-ArchPro includes PhD students into the development and application of cutting-edge technology and integrated GIS-based spatial analysis and interpretation approaches with the goal to highlight important archaeological landscapes in Europe by visualising and analysing otherwise virtually invisible cultural heritage sites. The interdisciplinary approach will lead to a new quality of training for the PhD students due to the unique combination of theoretical and practical training in Vienna and in different European countries.