Structural analysis

Construction phase 1

The Conventazzo was constructed as a central building with interior and exterior round base (1a) or octagonal outer base (1b) and a domed roof. Access into the Conventazzo was possible through a now bricked entrance in the south of the building. Windows or layout elements of the building's face can not be proved as a result of subsequent structural changes.


Construction phase 2

The originally round or octagonal, probably windowless building of phase 1 has been surrounded by a outer wall, so that the octagonal shape has been created or strengthened. So the now existing base has been formed. The upper end of the octagonal shell of the building is emphasized by a band consisting of limestone blocks. Except for the south side of the entrance, all sides of the octagonal structure show decor elements in the shape of bifores, which are constructed of brick.

Construction phase 3

A fresh redesign of the exterior was established: The Conventazzo was increased to its present hight, making the dome hided in large parts through the outer wall. The bifore-layout of phase 2 was replaced by blind round-arched "windows" constructed of bricks and limestone blocks. At the same time inside the Conventazzo the construction of still existing semi-circular niches with half-domes was performed.

Northeast-wall of the Conventazzo

Conventazzo inside

Construction phase 4

In all eight walls rectangular windows were broken through instead of the previous panel layout elements. Tis activity was probably connected to a change of function of the building.


Construction phase 5

The Conventazzo was connected to the church close southeast of the building. With the installation of an door still in use, allowing to access the Conventazzo directly from the interior of the church, the nowadays entrance was createtd.

Construction phase 6

The windows created in phase 4 were closed by bricks in phase 6 again. Thus, the arched "windows" panel layout of phase 3 was reconstructed. In the northwest side of the Conventazzo - opposite the entrance - a possibly a later closed - cone window was creatatd. Closing of the windows may indicate anew change of function of the building.

Northwest-wall of the Conventazzo