The Augustinian-tower

The almost square Augustinian-tower is 5.30 m x 5.30 m wide, the walls are two meters thick. The tower has been preserved eleven meters depth. At least four floors were found. They all belong to the basements, which were set in the natural soil. At any point of the excavation area the medieval walking level has not been found. It probably was destroyed at the rebuilding of the Albertina during the early 19th century. So an even deeper basement than proved might be expected.
The Augustinian-tower is rarely mentioned in written sources, however, is shown at two main views of the city of Vienna. These are Augustin Hirschvogels view of the city of Vienna from South of 1547 and Hanns Sebald Lautensacks view of Vienna and Environment from 1558.
Around 1600 the tower probably was demolished in the course of the expansion of the urban fortifications. This hypothesis is confirmed after a first rough inspection of the ceramic finds.