Archaeological Stratigraphy

VIAS is recently developing a complete 3D documentation method for interdisciplinary stratigraphic excavations. The method is based on an theoretical an practical update of the theory of archaeological stratigraphy as defined first by E.C. Harris. According to the rework of the theoretical background VIAS specified and implemented a new Harris Matrix Software together with its cooperation partner IMAGINATION Computer Services. Dr. E.C. Harris (Bermuda Maritime Museum), Klaus Löcker (ZAMG) and Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer (VIAS) did setup a new Harris Matrix homepage which provides the "Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy" for free download.

The new method of "single surface documentation" integrates recent technological developments as 3D laser scanners and photogrammetry in an algorithmic approach to stratigraphic excavation and the production of the stratigraphic sequence.