bITEM - Beyond the Item

Roland Filzwieser & Viola Winkler (NHM Wien)


The bITEM project - short for Beyond the Item - Biographies and Itineraries of Cultural Heritage Objects in Museums and beyond - aims to present well-known museum objects in a state-of-the-art web application that is freely accessible online. The objects and their biographies are vividly described and, in addition to images and texts, 3D models, timelines, and story maps are made available. Furthermore, the objects are presented with important actors in network visualisations. Object biographies thus become traceable and the journey of the exhibits to the museum will be easy to understand.

Within the project, data is digitised according to the FAIR principles. Data are mapped using CIDOC CRM and provided online. OpenAtlas is used as backend to acquire, edit and manage data. OpenAtlas is entirely built upon open source software.

The research and development within the bITEM project at the Natural History Museum Vienna as well as VIAS at the University of Vienna are funded by the go!digital 3.0 program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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