The School of Gladiators at Carnuntum

Multi-antenna GPR MIRA from Malå GS revealed amazing details of the School of Gladiators at Carnuntum

The Roman amphitheatre at Carnuntum held around 13000 spectators and contemporary inscriptions claimed that it was the fourth largest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire and frequently used for gladiatorial games. Despite the extensive excavations surrounding the amphitheatre the area that contained the school of gladiators attracted little attention and the first hints that there was an important building here came from analysis of aerial photographs and intial GPR measurements by the team ZAMG Archeo Prospections®.  The LBI-ArchPro team decided to investigate these remains using a MIRA high-resolution ground penetrating radar system which could cover the area in a matter of hours. The exceptional building, identified through non-invasive GPR survey as the school for gladiators, is almost unique in the Roman Empire for its size and completeness. the archaeological interpretation of the GPR data revealed amazing details of the building complex which made it possible to create a virtual reality reconstruction model.