Archaeological Interpretation of the GPR Survey

The gladiatorial school at Carnuntum was set within a massive compound enclosing an area of 2800 m2 and set at the eastern end of a 11000 m2 land parcel surrounded by a wall. The school buildings were arranged around a central inner court where ground penetrating radar revealed a circular training arena, 19 m in diameter, enclosed by a wooden stand for spectators. The foundations of a 100 m2 heated training hall, an extended bath complex, the 300 m2 administration and living complex of the owner of the school can be seen in the detailed images produced by radar. In contrast, the gladiators appear to have been given cells that were as little as 5 m2 in size.  The image of this unique building is so clear that water pipes, sewers and the remains of the floor heating system can be seen clearly, along with the access roads to the amphitheatre, entrances and the foundations of mausolea. The archaeologists believe that they have also located the gladiators’ cemetery, immediately behind a building associated with large grave monuments, stone sarcophagi and other, simpler, graves.

archaeological iinterpretation of MIRA GPR survey (LBI-ArchPro, Wolfgang Neubauer)